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In order to help your child or student achieve long-term success, have you ever thought about expanding your personal network to include professionals like Hall of Fame players Tim Brown and Nancy Lieberman? How about Super Bowl Champion and Dallas Cowboys Legend Everson Walls? If you had a chance to talk to them about building the necessary character traits needed to realize long-term success within your child or student, what would you ask them? Do you think they would have something meaningful to share with you?

What about asking successful professional coaches such as Jay Hayes of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and business executives like former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk about the key attributes needed to stay focused on one's goal of becoming a leader? Do you think they would have some interesting thoughts? What about an experienced parent that has already supported their children through financial and testing requirements needed to attend and complete college? As a parent or teacher do you think these types of relationships would be beneficial in helping in the social and emotional development of our children?

In order to answer these questions, and more, it is going to take a village to do so! We cannot do it by ourselves. As parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors we need to be able to pour into one another with a network of proven successful individuals; individuals that have successfully overcome similar battles we are currently aiming to navigate through today! More importantly, individuals who care about the development and well-being of our children! This network of love and support is called Ethos Village!

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

Ethos Village was created to realize the learning gains associated with participation in a virtual learning community. As a web based application, it is tailored for groups to enhance social and emotional learning by offering tools to assist in developing character, ethics, self-identity and self-worth. Within Ethos Village members will be able to take advantage of tools such as online curriculums, on-demand videos, virtual classrooms, and more.

Ethos Online Tools

The online curriculum is broken up by class level and gender. There is also elective curriculum that speaks to the "at-risk" population which we refer to as our "at-promise!" To reinforce the online curriculum, we developed a library of on-demand videos and scheduled seminars with successful leaders, professional athletes, and local celebrities to further engage the students while teaching the practical applications of these character traits in their individual lives. Online seminars will include but not be limited to the following subjects: college recruitment, eligibility, parent support groups, coaching network, financial literacy, and nutrition/fitness.

Ethos Online Tools


NFL Player - Gerald McCoy

WNBA Hall of Fame Player Nancy Lieberman

NFL Coach Jay Hayes

Our Portals

Online Portals

Two portals have been established for students, parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors. These portals are designed to be utilized by schools and/or individual households. Within these portals a customizable interface has been built to deliver information and provide a secure interactive environment. The portals are encryption protected and required password point of entry. It has always been our belief that it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone has as an assignment with Ethos!

Online Training Seminars

To enhance student learning and behaviour modification, four (4) workshops have been developed for teachers and other key personnel working with elementary, middle school, and high school students. Specifically, the workshops are designed to provide training on how to use the various curriculum effectively with the students, to achieve behavioural modification and improved performance. The workshop format is very interactive and allows workshop attendees the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge as well as specific information on student activities and learning exercises that can be used while teaching this curriculum. Additionally, the workshop covers information that will assist instructors in successfully using the reflective exercises, homework activities, and journal assignments to strengthen student learning associations, thereby, influencing meaningful learning of the material presented.

Ethos Education Group is a recognized CPE provider with Texas Education Agency. Consequently, CPE credit will be given for the completion of our Online Training Seminars.

Mobile Platform


An Ethos Village account only has to be set up for subscription members. Setting up your Ethos Village account will begin at the Ethos Store. If Ethos Village will be used for a household, you will want to follow checkout as a “PARENT.” If you are a teacher or representing an educational institution enrolling for a class, you will proceed to checkout as a “SCHOOL” After successful checkout, an email will be sent for account set up.
NOTE: Required student metrics are needed for an educational institution account.
Yes. To add more curriculum to already existing subscription on Ethos Village, you will need to visit the Ethos Store. Sign in with your account credentials and follow the checkout protocol.
NOTE: Username and password information will not have to be re-entered at checkout.
Ethos Village account and subscription can be changed. For any changes, you will need to login to your Ethos Dashboard by clicking on the “LOGIN” button.
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Ethos Education Group has been approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide CPE hours for qualified courses. To sign up for these courses, you will need to go to the Ethos store and purchase one of the online training seminars. Corresponding course information and CPE hours will be detailed in the course description.
To request an Ethos educator, live on your campus please Email: In return, a client intake form will be sent to you. This form will need to be filled out to help customize the correct program for your campus.
Yes. When checking out from the Ethos Store, please check the option “NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION”. At that point you will receive an email from customer support asking you to email/fax a copy of your Texas Sales Exemption and IRS Nonprofit approval letter. Upon receipt and approval, the sales taxes will be refunded to you.
For all further technical support questions, please contact our help desk at 972-348-1234 or you can email Please be advised that the help desk is managed by Region 10 ESC. For any other questions related to the purchase of curriculum and the general understanding of Ethos Village, please email